Information on the Dark Horse Film

When it comes to watching a movie of intrigue and thrill, the Dark Horse is worth consideration. The film tells a story of a female bartender, Jan Vokes, who develops a syndicate of buying a racehorse. What makes the movie unique is the background setting. The atmosphere is characterised by struggle and perseverance. The characters are determined to see their horse syndicate a success.

The Dream Alliance Story

When Jan Vokes conceives the idea of owning a racehorse, she talks to her husband, Brian, and convinces him to get her a broodmare. She is able to also persuade a few members of her community to sponsor her idea. The horse that is bred is named the Dream Alliance and manages to win the Grand National competition after a long struggle. To properly understand the film, here are the key elements of the Dream Alliance Story:

1. An Idea with a Simple Beginning

The Dark Horse film documents a story of how 20 friends and neighbours with dissimilar interests are convinced by Jan Vokes to offer £10 every week to help in the horse project. Jan is able to convince them the essence of investing in the syndicate. Despite their ideological differences, these women are determined and focussed to make it to the Welsh Grand Nationals.

2. A supported Dream

It’s clear that the Dream Alliance is a course that receives massive support from the community. The film features a very supportive community that sees the locals buy tickets and bet for their horse to win the various competitions. The community does not mind making the long queue to support the racehorse.

3. A Transitional Dream

When Jan Vokes walks home from the club, she thinks about how she can make her current pigeon breeding business worthwhile. This is how the horse breeding idea comes into her mind. She decides to find people to recruit. The first person that she considers is her husband, Brian. Brian, a nightclub bouncer, easily buys into the idea and promises to help his wife. The two decides to convince as many people as possible to sponsor their syndicate. At a price of £300, a broodmare coupled with an old stallion is bred and they give birth to the Dream Alliance. Looking at the allotment, it turns to be a nice place for raising the racehorse. The spot is next to rugby and soccer grounds that are usually packed in the weekends.

4. Training and Dedication Offered to the Horse

Before winning the ultimate finals, the journey is an interesting one for Dream Alliance. The horse goes through intensive training and competitions. The racehorse comes second in the Hennessey Gold Cup. The competition sees the Dream Alliance beaten by Mighty Denman. Unfortunately, the Dream Alliance suffers a scary injury to the tendon and cannot race. This does not discourage the syndicate. Instead of giving up on their horse, they decide to further invest in him and give him the best medical care.

About £20,000 is invested in the treatment process. This sees the syndicate spend all the prize money won by the Dream Alliance on stem therapy. After recovering, the horse is back to training. Through dedication and efforts, the dream alliance wins the first Welsh Grand National by staging an incredible 20-1 performance at the Chepstow. In spite of this, the syndicate continues to invest in the Dream Alliance and they hope that the horse will repeat the success in further competitions.

Characterisation in the Movie

According to Louis Osmond, the Movie Director, the Dark Horse is an expression of real struggle of common people in the UK. This movie is a true story and sees almost the entire village walk down the Red Carpet during the premiere. “I could not help it but cry a little,” says Ron Stoate, a horse owner who neighbours the Dream Alliance stable. Based on Osmond’s assessments, the Dark Horse covers real events and intrigues of the modern British community. The director is thrilled by how the movie drives the audience to circles of events.

At the end, the characters are centralised. They get to be in the same job and do the same thing; that is, taking care of the racehorse. Jan Vokes is pictured as a fearless and strong woman. When the audience expects her to be weighed down by the obstacles surrounding the breeding of the horse, she sees an opportunity to overcome the challenge. She is able to persuade the entire village to support her in realising the Dream Alliance goal.

What Makes the Dark Horse a Must-Watch?

There are many things that make the Dark Horse a film worth watching. First, the movie runs for 85 minutes and it’s filled with drama and intrigue. The fact that the Dream Alliance was bred from simple horses and managed to win the Grand Nationals is worth watching. Secondly, the film is a real-life demonstration of characters who never gave up even when the obstacles were piling up. When the Dream Alliance gets injured and apparently can’t race, instead of the syndicate giving up on the horse, they opt to invest the amount of money from the prize won in the horse’s treatment.

Their sacrifice amounts to something when the Dream Alliance finally wins the Grand National. Furthermore, the movie features real characters who the audience can relate to. The main characters, Jan and Brian, are very interesting. Coming from a simple setting and working in a club, the couple is able to turn their fortune around by investing in a dream that many would have considered futile. Lastly, the Dark Horse’s setting is naturally British. This movie gives the audience the real picture of horse breeding in the UK.


Overall, the Dark Horse is an interesting and must-watch film for everyone who likes drama and suspense. The beauty of the film is that you can watch it with adults and kids. The characters brilliantly carry their roles and the theme of the movie is very expressive. There is no doubt that the Dark Horse is the best drama today in the UK.