For most people their wedding day is undoubtedly the most crucial, special day of their lives.  They want everything perfect, finely tuned to their own special requirements; the bride and groom expect their perfect day to be a reflection of them as a special family unit.  There are obviously an awful lot of important decisions to be made; the wedding dress, flowers, location, guest list, honeymoon  and so the list goes on.

Choosing the right transportation for you and your loved one, to your ceremony and reception can add wonderful quality and style for your unforgettable day.  You should consider the theme of your special day.  Have you opted for contemporary or traditional?  Do you favour a particular colour scheme?

Budget is obviously important.  Setting aside a reasonable amount of money for your transportation, allows you access to a wider choice of transport vehicles available to you, with additional extras available such as chauffer driven, decorative ribbons or complimentary champagne, all of these add to those extra special wedding day memories.  Also bear in mind a few other factors about the vehicle you choose; is it actually wedding dress friendly?  Who is going to travel with the bride to the wedding venue? Who is going to travel with the groom?  Do you actually want matching wedding cars or each unique to the bride and grooms parties?  Is the vehicle weather appropriate? Do you want the vehicle(s) showcased in your wedding photography?

The name Rolls Royce immediately brings to mind words such as class, style, quality.   Rolls Royce Silver Wrath, 1948, has coachwork by Freestone and Webb and was actually originally built for the famous circus owner Jimmy Chipperfield. Owned by Phoenix Weddings, as the main chauffeur driven Bridal car, it is ideal as it is a 3 seater.  The interior is beautifully restored, cream leather complimented by French polished Walnut trim.  The iconic Rolls Royce Flying Lady and stunning chrome body details provide beautiful and creative backdrop to your wedding photographs.

Rolls Royce 25/30hp, 1936 is another beautiful Phoenix owned vehicle.  Stunning, luxurious vintage in excellent condition throughout.  It boasts a neutral beige interior, again complimented by French polished Walnut trim.  Its coachwork is by Thrupp and Maberly.  Lovingly maintained and exuding opulence.  Its stunning, classic exterior delightfully magnificent  for your  wedding photography.

If you are looking for a larger, quality vehicle then consider the 1989 chauffer driven DaimlerDS420 Limousine.   It is a perfect choice for family members, it is spacious with  7 seats.  It offers plenty of leg room and head clearance. A popular choice amongst celebrities, used in James Bond films and owned by the Royal family.

Phoenix Wedding Cars, South Wales has two identical available for your special day hire. Classic grey interior, built for comfort, style and elegance.  The exterior also looking elegant and classic, in black and white bodywork.

There are many idyllic locations around south Wales to capture the beauty and elegance of your special day.  The Brecon Beacons offers wonderful, mountain  views of the Welsh countryside.   For a magical, fairytale experience visit Castell Coch, or Red Castle, with its turrets and surrounding woodland.   Southerndown,  a village in the Southwest of Bridgend best known for its stunning cliffs, beautiful beaches and the remains of Dunraven Castle, a wonderful photo opportunity.

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